Over the years we have assisted a large number of clients to successfully migrate to Australia. The following are clients testimonials praising the quality of our professional services.

With so many visa service providers, it is hard to know which one to trust with something as important as a visa application. I felt safe getting help from Sylvia, who helped me to get a legitimate service. I got what I wanted thanks to her.

Gracias Sylvia

‐Juan, Colombia

Thanks to Sylvia and her support as migrant agent, my dream and my families, to start a life in Australia came true. All started in December 2010 with my application to a Skilled Migrant visa, which was granted in December 2011, then was brother, who is currently completing his university studies at Griffith University, and finally, it was my girlfriend who arrived into Australia a year ago, and her Partner visa has already been granted. All this thanks to the professionalism of Visa Agents Australia. The following is to apply to the Australian citizenship and for this important step, I will count with Sylvia as my agent. All I can say is THANKS a MILLION

‐Jose (written in English)

Hello Sylvia,

I would like to thank you for your services that you have provided for my family. It was most appreciated. The service was excellent, friendly, knowledgable about our situation. I would highly recommend your quality services to anybody wishing to immigrate to this country.

Kind Regards and thank you once again

‐Las and Melinda

Dear Silvia,

When I finish my technical studies in Australia and started the process of applying for a permanent resident visa little I knew about this matter and also very little chance I had to apply for this.

On the way I found the opportunity to be sponsored by an Australian company, but although they requiring a person with my skills and knowledge, they had no information about the process to continue as employers (sponsors), at this time I was referred to Silvia and underwent a consultation with her. Sylvia met with both myself and my employers and discussed in detail the options of residency under this visa. She advised us with great professionalism and honesty.

For more than two years I have been working for the same company as an engineer and I have been a permanent resident now for 1 year. I recently called Sylvia again so she can assist me with my Citizenship because I trust her completely.

If I had not contacted Silvia perhaps I would have got an employment visa but not permanent residence. Because of her knowledge and mastery of the subject I was able to obtain a residency visa.

Thank you very much Silvia.

‐MANUEL DIAZ (Colombia) (written in English)

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Gracias a Sylvia y a su apoyo como agente migratoria, mi sueño y el de mi familia, de iniciar una vida en Australia se hizo realidad. Todo inicio en Diciembre del 2010 con mi aplicación a una Skilled Migrant visa, la cual fue otorgada en Diciembre del 2011, luego fue hermano, quien está actualmente finalizando sus estudios universitarios en Griffith University, y finalmente fue mi novia, quien llego a Australia hace un año y ya le fue otorgada su Partner visa. Todo esto gracias al profesionalismo de Visa Agents Australia. Lo siguiente es aplicar a la ciudadanía Australiana y para este importante paso, también contare con Sylvia como mi agente. Lo único que puedo decir es GRACIAS TOTALES

‐Jose (written in Spanish)

Cuando termine mis estudios técnicos en Australia y empecé el proceso de aplicación a la visa como residente permanente era muy poco lo que sabia a cerca de este tema y también muy pocas las posibilidades de aplicar a esta.

En el camino encontré la posibilidad de ser patrocinado por una compañía Australiana, pero aunque ellos requirieran una persona con mis cualificaciones y conocimientos, ellos no tenían ninguna información del proceso a seguir como empleadores (patrocinadores), en este momento contacte a Silvia y le comente mi caso y con el objetivo de negociar con la compañía la visa de empleo, lo que yo no sabia era que yo reunía todos los requerimientos para ser residente, esto me lo dijo Silvia y con profesionalismo y honestidad, saco adelante este caso.

Desde hace mas de dos anos trabajo para esta misma compañía como ingeniero y llevo un año como residente permanente, esperando muy pronto y con la ayuda de Dios aplicar a la Ciudadanía Australina.

Si no hubiese contactado a Silvia quizás hubiese conseguido una visa de empleo pero no la residencia permanente ya que sus conocimientos y dominio del tema me llevo de una visa de trabajo a una residencia.

Muchas gracias Silvia

‐MANUEL DIAZ (Colombia) (written in Spanish)

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